Drawing inspiration from nature’s ability to offer peace and perspective, Mylo Choy creates songs that reflect without dwelling and soothe without escaping. Their bedroom-folk sound, influenced by ‘60s folk, ‘70s Hawaiian music and ‘90s indie rock, can be described as Joni Mitchell meets Death Cab for Cutie or Yo La Tengo.

Currently based in Brooklyn, Mylo has spent much of their life between contrasting environments. They were born and raised in Wisconsin, but also maintained a strong connection to Hawai'i where their mother is from; for years they worked in outdoor education, living between the woods and New York City. Finding consistency within change has been an ongoing journey.

Embracing chaos and quiet, Mylo cultivates a landscape that feels like home no matter where they are. They appreciate the gifts and challenges of both ways of being, working to create something that can exist in either context. They go to nature for stillness but believe we can have that anywhere.

Songs from Mylo’s 2017 debut album, Delta, have been featured on the Homoground Podcast, Strange Fire Podcast, KHUH and WBAI. No Depression says of the album:

There are lots of people who write songs. There are many people who write great songs. But there are few people are able to invite you into the idiosyncrasies of their headspace for the duration of their songs […] Delta came from a time when Mylo sought stability amid many changes: for the rest of us, it offers a path to finding it for ourselves. (full review here)

Their new 3 song EP, Night Is Like The Ocean, was released on September 20, 2019. Night Is Like The Ocean explores themes of acceptance, patience, and the emotional responsibilities we have to ourselves.